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Real Testimonials

 CureZit™ has changed lives. 

Here are comments from people who experienced dramatic improvement when they added CureZit™ to their life! 

CureZit™ Works!

 My sister's wedding was coming up and I had to get rid of my zits so I used the CureZit™ and in a few days my zits were gone and my smooth face would be clear of zits for the wedding pictures.
-Jared, FL

I’ve had mild to severe acne for 6-8 years and have tried every acne treatment around. I was using benzoyl peroxide for the most part, but it only made my face red and dried out. It was hit or miss. It took a few weeks, but after the initial shock to my skin, the acne was almost completely clear, but left me with burning red skin and intense flaking. I couldn’t even smile or laugh because my face felt so stiff. At this point in my life (I’m 23) these side effects were better than having acne, but after a few months I couldn’t handle it anymore and tried ProActiv. Somehow I felt like I went from bad to worse so I discontinued that. A friend told me about CureZit™ which I tried since I felt by that time that I had nothing to lose. I am eternally grateful! The redness and flakiness dramatically reduced on the very first day and any residual pimples I had were already drying and within a day or two were gone. I have never seen any other product work as well and as fast. I’m continuing to use it every day since I had stopped for a week and saw that some pimples were beginning to pip out again. Thank you for making such a great product. My skin now looks like everyone else’s!!
- Michael, OR 

I’m a surfer and I’ve been looking for a product like yours for years. CureZit™ is the only one I’ve found which I could use without worrying about being in the sun. Kudos.
-Sara, CA

I have frequent Acne breakouts which could be diagnosed as severe. I tried various products for my Acne breakouts from ProActiv, Neutrogena products, & some generics brands. Some helped better than others but after using the CureZit™ product, I was very pleased. It had almost immediate reaction to my Acne. It took the redness away after minutes from using it.

I have been treating my breakouts with this product for 30 days. I would recommend CureZit™ for anyone that has frequent Acne breakouts.
- Christian, CA

I have tried multiple acne treatments before (including Proactive) but none of the results seem to last longer than a week. Most of them also require a long process during application. That was until my dad brought home a bottle of CureZit™. He put some on a pimple I had my forehead and after twenty minutes or so the redness disappeared and the pimple was nearly gone. The process only requires about a minute of scrubbing with soap, and then you apply the CureZit™ gel. I have been using CureZit™ for a month now and my skin is still staying clear unlike the other products.
- Zane, CA

Wow, I couldn’t believe it! I am a 27 year old woman who used to have great skin once upon a time. When I hit 21 I started breaking out like you wouldn’t believe. I spent more than I could afford buying all kinds of products like Clinique, Estee Lauder, Ultima, Neutrogena, Sephora just to name a few. Nothing worked. But after only 2 days of using CureZit™ my skin looks great. It's like the old me again. I am going to pass this on to all my friends who have skin trouble. You are a life saver. People keep saying wow your skin looks great. I haven't heard that in 6 years. Thanks.
- Pennie, OK

My son’s beautiful face started breaking out when he reached 14. At times it was pretty severe, just like mine was when I was his age. I guess genetics plays a large part in it. We immediately took him to the doctor who prescribed Accutane. He had so many side effects (like nausea, diarrhea, and hives) that we stopped it. Now I’m reading that they’ve taken it off the market. That’s pretty scary and I hope he doesn’t have any other problems from it. Luckily I soon found out about CureZit™ and, due to our past experience, I checked into it carefully. I read about how it worked and the science behind it. I was impressed that it worked differently than any other product and thought they might be on to something. We couldn’t be happier with the results. After 1 day he saw noticeable improvement (and his acne was severe at this point) and his skin was completely clear in 5 days. Less than a week! He continues to use it and hasn’t had a breakout since! Thank you from this grateful mom!
- Jennie, NY

I’ve used CureZit™ for the last couple of months. I thought it might stop working for me. It hasn’t. Now, even when I have a problem I just put CureZit™ on it. I’m sold.
- Pamela, CO

For me, birth control pills worked pretty well, not perfectly, but good enough. After I got married and we were trying to get pregnant, I went off the pill (of course), and the acne came back with a vengeance! I was desperate. But after using CureZit™, I must say, I will never use anything else. My zits dried the very first day and just a few days later, my whole face was clear. Thank you for your wonderful product.
- Carlena, GA

I am a 47 year old mother and have had skin problems my entire teenage and adult life. I’ve tried everything and nothing seemed to work. It’s embarrassing at my age to still have pimples. I tried CureZit™ about 3 months ago and I just wanted to say thank you. It worked the first time I used it. Now if I get a pimple, I simply apply CureZit™ and it’s gone. I even use it to prevent problems and I’ve noticed my skin is smoother and healthier looking.
- Gena, OR

I had to send you a note telling you how great your product is. It’s CureZit™ for me.
- Roy, VA

I am a 24 year old woman who has literally tried everything out there. Nothing worked. What’s worse, they made my skin red and dry. Someone told me to try CureZit™. I did and all I can say is WOW, thanks guys!
- Samantha, MD

I tried CureZit™ because I got tired of all the others that promised to work, but only if you used it first for weeks and months. And you know what they still didn’t! CureZit™ worked for me the first time I used it.
- Joan, NY

I’ve had non-inflammatory acne since I was 15 and now I’m 40. I’ve tried every regimen out there. Tetracycline worked for me, but being on an antibiotic for so long made me susceptible to every disease out there and I was sick for most of the time. Benzoyl peroxide left my skin red and flakey and peeling constantly. I’m an expert on Accutane side effects also. I tried CureZit™ after my friend’s daughter recommended it. It worked so well for her, I thought why not? I was amazed at the results. Pimples clearing in a day and by the end of the week my skin was clear and smooth. I even started seeing scarring fading. I am now using CureZit™ everyday and it’s preventing more breakouts. I will continue using CureZit™ for the rest of my life!!
- Brad, FL

I tried all those acne systems. I could have had a great vacation instead of wasting al that money. A good friend of mine who had bad acne told me about CureZit™, after I asked him how he gotten rid of it. He was right, it works!!
- John, MS

What I really love about CureZit™ is that I only have to carry one bottle around. P.S. and it really works!
- Linda, TX

I’m 28 years old and have tried just about everything. CureZit™ has changed my life. I don’t have to wear makeup anymore when I leave the house.
- Laura, MOI never had a breakout until I was 24. My doctor said it was due to hormones and put me on birth control pills. This did nothing to clear up my acne, but it sure improved my sex life. Luckily, my pimples weren’t so bad, so I never had to try all those expensive prescription remedies. After trying CureZit™, I found that my pimples were completely dried in a day and scabs fell off 2 days later. My skin was clear and looked really good. I now use CureZit™ pretty regularly and have avoided anymore unpleasantness.
- Diane, TX

Hi, I am a 13 year old boy I have had acne since I was 10 and CureZit™ has completely cleared up my skin in less than 1 week! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
- Jacob, PA

I can't thank you enough for CureZit™. After using the product for less than two weeks, I am completely stunned by the difference in my skin. I had tried antibiotics, laser, chemicals peels, and anything else I could think of. How easy is this! And something finally works!
- Ben, VT

After taking my daughter to the dermatologist numerous times, I just got fed up with all the prescriptions. And her face just got worse. My neighbor recommended CureZit™ and after only one treatment, we saw a terrific improvement in her skin (and also her demeanor). It’s helped us all!
- Barbara, TN

I am absolutely in love with CureZit™. I use it twice a day to keep my skin clear and it’s been a month since I’ve seen a pimple.
- Megan, NJ

I used to have acne really bad. I must have tried every product in the stores. I even went to a dermatologist who gave me a prescription that didn’t’ work. After using CureZit™, all I can say is I’m sorry I didn’t find out about it sooner.
- Stephen, GA

I have what my dermatologist calls “severe acne”. None of the products in the stores works on it. My doctor prescribed Retin-A and that also didn’t work. I found out about CureZit™ from a friend of mine. It worked for me the first time I used it. I even told my doctor about it. Thanks.
- Robert, TX

I finally found a product that works. I’ve already told my friends.
- Deedra, FL