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Acne - A Problem for All Ages


 Sebum (oil), which is naturally produced by sebaceous glands in hair follicles (simply referred to as pores), keeps skin and hair moisturized and healthy. 


 Like all skin cells, the skin cells inside the pore shed and are normally excreted from the pore. If however, the sloughed cells, known as corneocytes, dehydrate and adsorb the sebum, they become sticky and solid blocking the pore. Bacteria then begins to grow.


 As the sebaceous material builds up, so does the bacteria. The resulting pressure causes inflammation,  increasing the acidity level within the pore (lower pH). The lower pH allows the bacteria to multiply while your body's natural defense, white blood cells, stop multiplying and die off.


 If the pore closes completely or narrows such that the material stays below the skin it is known as a whitehead. 


 If however the pore remains open enough for the material to slowly move to the surface, the skin pigment, melanin, oxidizes and turns it a black/brown color. This is known as a blackhead and although it resembles dirt it cannot simply be washed away.  


 As the pressure increases, the sides of the pore eventually rupture and bacteria laden sebaceous material infects the surrounding tissue causing what is known as an inflammatory papule.
A pustule containing white blood cells then makes its way to the surface several days later.
As the sebaceous material and acne bacteria continue to infect the surrounding tissue, permanent tissue damage and scarring can occur as well as the formation of nodules or cysts as the body tries to isolate the infection.

These types of acne lesions are very painful and usually do not respond to topical treatment.

CureZit™ is the Solution

 CureZit™ is effective on ALL stages of acne, including adult and cystic acne. It is the only over-the-counter  product on the market that is effective on severe acne. No other non-prescription product can make that claim.

The primary active ingredient in CureZit™ is l-glutamate, a natural amino acid made from corn, recognized by the FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). It works on contact by breaking down the protein in the shedding cells. It is those dead cells which turn the otherwise beneficial liquid sebum within the pore into a glue-like solid consistency and result in blocking the pore.

CureZit™ uses a 2-pronged approach to attack the underlying cause of acne

First, it breaks down the protein of the sloughing cells causing the blockage. The now-liquid sebum is then naturally released through the pore. 

Second, it restores the pH in the pore back to what it should be allowing your body's white blood cells to eliminate the acne bacteria. Your body heals quickly and naturally without any harmful side effects.

CureZit™ will not cause skin sensitization and your skin's appearance will improve without any reddening or irritation.*  CureZit™ may be used under suntan lotion and makeup.*** 

Even more amazing is the fact that you'll start seeing results within the 1st day!

Available without a Prescription

Try CureZit™ Risk Free!

CureZit™ works simply and naturally. Just one bottle is enough to treat your acne for up to 3 months or more. Try CureZit™ and if within 30 days your acne doesn't improve, or you're not satisfied with the results, we'll gladly refund your money. We're that confident. 

 *Do not use CureZit™ with steroids as minor redness may occur. 

 ***We recommend using suntan lotion and make up which are noncomedogenic (does not block pores) and  are oil-free.