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Frequently Asked Questions

  We realize that you may have questions about CureZit™ so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please email us your question to

 Q: Is your active ingredient  like MSG?  I’m sensitive to MSG. When I eat in a Chinese restaurant that uses MSG, my mouth gets numb and I get very tired. Will I have any problems with your product since it contains l-glutamate?

A: CureZit™ contains a modified form of l-glutamate and has been tested and used by hundreds of people sensitive to eating MSG with no adverse reactions. In addition, MSG is recognized as safe by the FDA and the amount of this modified form of l-glutamate that is absorbed into your skin using CureZit™ is a very small percentage compared to that used in food. 

Q: I noticed that the directions say to wash with soap before using. Is there a special soap I should use?

A: No.  All soaps are designed to remove surface oils which is what you want to do. A mild neutral pH soap is best (such as Neutragena) as it does not affect the pH of your skin. Do not rub the area hard or abrade the skin as this may cause bleeding and scarring.

Q: How quickly will I see results with CureZit™?

A: You should see noticeable improvement within the first day or so. Continue applying  CureZit™ as directed and by the next day, the zit should basically be starting to dry. Use CureZit™ even after scab forms to promote healing and prevent future breakouts.  Certain persistent and deep tissue forms of acne may require up to a week to see dramatic results.

Q: Is CureZit™ natural?

A: Yes. The primary active ingredient in CureZit™ is l-glutamate, an amino acid derived from corn. 

Q: Do medications cause acne breakouts?

A: There are a number of medications which can cause or exacerbate acne. Some of the drugs know to do this are:

  • Hormones (including anabolic steroids)
  • Prednisone
  • Corticosteroids
  • Anti-epilepsy drugs
  • Anti-TB drugs
  • Cyclosporin
  • Lithium
  • Halogenated drugs

You should check with your physician if you're concerned about a specific medication.

Q: Do I have to use your product 6-8 weeks, like other products, before I see results?

A: No. CureZit™ begins to work immediately. You will see noticeable improvement the very first day you use it. The pimple should be drying by the next day and any scab will quickly fall off. Certain persistent and deep tissue forms of acne may require up to a week to see results.

Q: Sometimes I notice a white film after several hours where I applied the CureZit™. Is that normal?

A: Yes. This is simply the unabsorbed l-glutamate crystals drying on your skin. Simply rinse off with  water and reapply as necessary.